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Worth The Fight Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

IS Healing Our US veterans Amid Mental Health Crisis an Exponential Strategy of Epic Loving Proportion?

With our world now upside down—Is there a better time for a Love Revolution? Coming together over our shared humanity—a love based solution—hitting us all square in the heart?

Limitless Brad Carson breaks down the power of the WimHof Breathing Method, Cold Exposure, and ways to be healthy and strong in these challenging times. Brad is a shining example of the massive potential within our warriors.


Show notes Brad Carson Podcast #25(Part 2)

We discuss;


-Steven Porges: Polyvagal Theory [4:30]


-Equine Therapy [6:10]


-“Models” Mark Manson breaks down whats at root for our disconnected world [8:10]


-Microdosing Psychedelics with Psilocybin [9:30]


-1 in 5 of us are on Big Pharma’s psych meds(CDC Numbers): ALARMING [10:15]


-DMT naturally occurring substance [12:10]


-Brad just got back from workshops in Poland w/Wim Hof [18:10]


-Heroic Heart Project: A great resource for veterans looking to heal [20:00]


-Intermittent Fasting/Water Fasting/Coffee/Green Tea [22:00]


-Brad breaks down “Cell Autophagy” the mechanism behind fasting [24:15]


-Fasting is a detox for your body—the cleanest you can use {25:10]


-Ease your way into health programs [26:00]


-Paul Stamet’s Lion’s Mane Microdosing Stack [28:30]




-Joe Rogan and Stamets big proponents of Stoned-Ape Theory [29:30]


-Microdosing can helps people get out of their own way to find Flow [33:30]


-Flow Research shows that we can massively upgrade learning, creativity and productivity [35:00]


-Carson Coaching: Optimizing your life to be the best version of yourself [37:00]


-Brain’s Cell: Brad’s book [38:30]


-Take time to think each day—whatever we are going through is temporary [44:20]


IG: @limitlessbrad 


**Be smart! Please consult your physician with any of this stuff. None of this is medical advice**