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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 1, 2020

Too many positive signals to contain this inspired solo episode where I make a case for our human family shifting to a WAP: World At Peace. PEACE: Goal & Way! 


Solocast Show Notes #42:


Why Big Pharma is a top offender of Bullshit Inc.: 

-Last checked the Opioid Crisis claims 193 people each day. Wowsers. That’s 70K per year. Ughhh. It’s estimated 58,000 American lives were lost in the entire Vietnam conflict. 

-1 in 4 of us on psyche meds? 1 in 6 on SSRI’s/Anti-depressants? The pills are very addictive and often have harsh side-effects. I believe our pharmaceutical companies can reform and do a better job of serving our great nation and those they’ve pledged to care for.