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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 16, 2020

Hallie graciously and eloquently maps the journey through the heart, extending an invitation for men out of touch with their emotions to safely feel it all. We talk Sacred Sex, Modern Tantra, Conscious Connection, Plant Medicine Healing. And share her journey through the heart and her service-driven mission at The Thought Room Podcast. 


Podcast Show Notes: Hallie Rose #44


-Thought Room Podcast Inspiration [10:55]


-We can create whatever experience we want by the thoughts that we choose [17:45]


-Overcoming the resistance to engaging psychedelic medicine [22:22]


-Hallie’s healing journey and experiences at Soltara Healing Center [26:08]


-Conscious Masculinity Men’s Group Coaching [29:45]


-How you eat is how you f*ck [34:40]


-Sacred Sex [36:20]


-More Sacred Sexuality Goodness [42:10]


-Urban Tantra [45:00]


-The Thought Room Podcast Mission [52:45]


Soltara Healing Center $200 off Healing Retreat Promo-Code: ThoughtRoom


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