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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 18, 2019

Please enjoy this heartfelt conversation I had with my dear friend Rick "Kivie" Armstrong. We talk about Rick's fascinating journey and personal overcoming with psychedelic medicines. In addition, we hit all things psychedelics and progressive culture.


-Getting over the stigma associated with psychedelics (4:00)

-Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler/Flow Research (12:55)

-Florestral: Sol-Circle Healing Retreat in Costa Rica (16:45)

-Rick’s “Shifting” and healing experience with Ayahuasca (21:52)

-MDMA assisted therapy & Psilocybin assisted therapy “Breakthrough” status by the FDA (28:25)

-Rick’s experience with 5-MEO-DMT (30:08)

-“Industrial Prison Complex” THIRTEEN Netflix Documentary (48:37)

-Stealing Fire (50:30)

-Safety/Harm Reduction (52:50)

-Opioid Crisis/Fentanyl (54:50)

-Innate Pathways: Marijuana assisted therapy in conjunction w/John Hopkins University (1:01:00)

-RARE Art Gallery Jackson Hole (1:03:45)

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