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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jul 22, 2020

Is healing our warriors with psychedelic medicines a love-based solution to our precariously challenging times?  

Jesse gets us all caught up on the latest doings with the Heroic Hearts Project and the veteran collective-soul healing mission, graciously presenting exciting opportunities to grab a shovel and get involved with the HHP Ambassador Program. 


Episode #39 Jesse Gould, Heroic Hearts Project:


We Discuss;

  •  10:00: Jesse talks about the Ambassador Program through the Heroic Hearts nonprofit. How they get support and spread their loving efforts of veteran mental health.

  •  14:00: What's getting in the way of achieving their goals?

  •  18:20: How does one get involved with the Ambassador Program? How can people donate their time or expertise to this worthy cause?

  •  22:40: How is the psychedelic world-changing, what are some current pitfalls and things to avoid with the path ahead?

  •  28:30: Jesse speaks at length as to why veterans can be the bridge as we push into the unknown.

Relevant power quotes:

  1.  "I think more and more the power of the source is going to be important. Who are the trusted sources? What are the trusted sources? Where is this message coming from?"Jesse Gould- 29:14

  2.  "Veterans are the only group that is respected enough that can bring in this controversial topic to demographics that would otherwise never entertain that conversation." Jesse Gould - 32:00

  3.  "The moment you fall into the stereotypes of what it is they expect of subhuman then you lose that battle. But if you maintain that moral high-ground, that messaging high-ground, that trust high-ground...then that's power right there." Jesse Gould - 35:36
  4. "You are a warrior. You no longer are in battle, you're no longer all in combat, but that's not what necessarily makes you a warrior. That was part of you, but now use that same warrior spirit for other means of helping other veterans of giving back, of non-profit work." Jesse Gould 43:20  
  5. "There are more people in my generation that are prioritizing themselves and mental health and family instead of just having billions and billions of dollars." Jesse Gould - 49:50


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