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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 20, 2020

This weekend we are celebrating the Worth The Fight podcast’s 1st anniversary. Thank you to all of our early listeners, supporters, and guests. We have so much gratitude for all the love and support. Here is a short clip from episode #1 with my friend and renaissance man Rick “Kivie” Armstrong. 44 episodes are in the books—we will keep pushing forward the Worth The Fight mission and message of hope and healing. 


Please enjoy this heartfelt conversation I had with my dear friend Rick "Kivie" Armstrong. We talk about Rick's fascinating journey and personal overcoming with psychedelic medicines. In addition, we hit all things psychedelics and progressive culture.


Worth The Fight Podcast #1 Rick "Kivie" Armstrong:

We Discuss;

-Getting over the stigma associated with psychedelics (4:00)

-Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler/Flow Research (12:55)

-Florestral: Sol-Circle Healing Retreat in Costa Rica (16:45)

-Rick’s “Shifting” and healing experience with Ayahuasca (21:52)

-MDMA assisted therapy & Psilocybin assisted therapy “Breakthrough” status by the FDA (28:25)

-Rick’s experience with 5-MEO-DMT (30:08)

-“Industrial Prison Complex” THIRTEEN Netflix Documentary (48:37)

-Stealing Fire (50:30)

-Safety/Harm Reduction (52:50)

-Opioid Crisis/Fentanyl (54:50)

-Innate Pathways: Marijuana assisted therapy in conjunction w/John Hopkins University (1:01:00)

-RARE Art Gallery Jackson Hole (1:03:45)

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