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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

Bridging Military Service-time to Civilian Life w/ Psychedelic Medicines & Ceremony with Warrior Soul: Chris Albert, the host of the Warrior Soul podcast, is a peaceful warrior doing vitally important work for our veteran nation. In our podcast conversation, we outline why our struggling but resilient war veterans are poised to lead our great nation into the unknown and precariously challenging times forthcoming. Chris’ servant's heart and commitment to leading and loving by example are deeply inspiring.



Episode #37 Chris Albert/Warrior Soul - Psychedelics & Ceremony: Our US Veterans Healing and Showing the Way 


We Discuss;


  •  3:15 - How psychedelic medicines informed Chris' path and his service. His first DMT experience and what he learned about his past lives. 
  • 12:47 - Chris' military service, what life was like for him after The Marines, and his current orientation toward service and ceremony. 
  •  22:12 - Misconceptions about war veterans and combat trauma, and post-service civilian life trauma. 
  •  29:34 - Thoughts about what is going on in our current world; George Floyd, police force, individual freedom, and how we all need each other, and to work together, for society to work.
  •  36:30 - Labels and the concepts/stories that we're told and we tell ourselves. Chris opens up about his parents and the stories he's told himself for 40 years.
  •  40:13 - Chris' podcast, The Warrior Soul Podcast, and empowering the veteran community. Chris' favorite podcast guest? Robert Greene (
  •  45:29 - Thoughts on a love revolution centered around healing the hearts and minds of war veterans. 


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