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Worth The Fight Podcast

May 26, 2021

Mystic, singer, songwriter, storyteller, poet, activist, Leah Song graciously shares her warm, loving, and compassionate insights and perspectives of what ails our collective. Leah is the frontwoman of the band Rising Appalachia, We got to the root of a lot of our societal struggles with health & well-being. In our hopeful conversation, we talk psychedelic integration, accelerated personal growth, and ways to live healthy, happy, strong—service-driven lives.




Show Notes Leah Song/Rising Appalachia 



We Discuss;



-What's going on in the world [4:13]


-Corrupt, failing systems [6:22]


-Prison Reform - 13th documentary [7:31]


-Chimps and the Patriarchy, Sex at Dawn book [12:41]


-Psychedelics [18:57]


-A Warrior's Struggle [29:20]


-Rights of passage? Required service [34:00]


-MAPS, PTSD and Depression [44:19]


If you're struggling, you're onto something. Words of encouragement [49:36]


Helpful Resources: 


13th Documentary -


Sex at Dawn -


MAPS - /


Rising Appalachia - 

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