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Worth The Fight Podcast

May 5, 2021

Are our nervous systems dynamic? Yes. Trauma-informed therapist and life coach Julianne Dallas breaks this down! She is dialed in with a profound understanding of trauma and the nervous system and ways we can heal to become our most authentic Self. She shares her powerful story of overcoming and illuminates the value of mentorship to enhance healing and promote accelerated growth. 



Worth The Fight Podcast Julianne Dallas #70


We Discuss;


- What Motivates Julianne to serve our veteran community? [3:30]


- What's so important about repairing your Nervous System?  [7:02]


- How do you Improve your Nervous System? [16:20]


- The Importance of Connection [23:10]


- Thresholds of Pain and Dealing with It [29:37]


- Psychedelics, Healing and the Nervous System  [38:15]


- Before and After, Julianne’s Journey [46:33]


- The value of mentorship [53:53]



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