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Worth The Fight Podcast

Sep 4, 2020

Rachel and Leah bring humor and thought-provoking insight. And as BasicWitches podcast hosts, they basically share what it means to live and love by example sans that nefarious dogma. 
We have lots of fun aggressively digging at the roots of many of our collective struggles. I am no longer a closeted Feminist after this inspired conversation. Sorry, Patriarch, I’ve broken ranks. Thank you ladies for sharing your craft and gracious hearts! I’ve been spellbound, smiling since we last spoke. 


Basic Witches: Leah & Rachel #43 Show Notes:


We Discuss;

-Leah & Rachel share their psychedelic experience [4:30]


-BasicWitches Podcast: Love and self-empowerment [10:45]

-Vulnerability/Trust/Connection [14:30]

-Rachel’s vulnerability practice [18:36]

-Breaking-down comedy and witchcraft [20:24]


-Catholic Church witch-burning crusades [31:00]


-Cardi B WAP Wet Ass Pussy [34:55]


-Catholic Church or Global Peace—Pick one—you can’t have both? [41:00]



Top 3 relevant quotes:


“Comedy has saved my life in so many different ways”

-Leah Knauer [17:16]


“When I feel that nervous feeling come up in my stomach because I have to face something vulnerable. I also have the cognition of that’s the right way to go and you are going to get something good out it.”

-Rachel Laforest [20:05]


“So much of the problems on Earth go back to untreated trauma cause we don’t focus on healing. We don’t listen to victims. We don’t promote speaking up. It’s changing now, thank goodness. But we have long way to go.
-Rachel Laforest [42:55]

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Rachel’s Coaching Program: FLY: Learn to Fucking Love Yourself!

Leah’s Coaching Program: (Wo)manifest Some Shit!


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