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Worth The Fight Podcast

Dec 13, 2019

James Whittaker is the inspired author of "Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy"; a man profoundly in touch with the law of attraction and power of positive thinking. James paints a hopeful picture of what might be possible if we embraced more deeply the potent teachings of Napoleon Hill. It would be hard-pressed to find two more optimistic people who believe in the good of humanity. We don't hold back punches for Bullshit Incorporated and let it fly in this spirited discussion. 


Show Notes James Whittaker Episode #12:


We discuss:


-“Think and Grow Rich”: Best selling self-help book of all-time (6:20)


-Social Comparison Theory (7:55) 


-OG Law of Attraction Teacher, the “Godfather” Napoleon Hill (9:20)


-“It’s about Harnessing the Power of the Mastermind! Because we can’t enjoy or create any success ourself. Everything in our world is dependent on something else” - James Whittaker(10:18)


-Andrew Carnegie’s “Mental Dynamite” (10:41)


-“Outwitting The Devil” - 300,000 copies sold. Profound free audiobook on youtube (10:50).


-MAPS’ MDMA-Assisted Therapy in Phase 3 for PTSD: How will the healing protocol fit in the current medical model? (16:17).


-Highlight the economic benefits of progressive change (18:22).


-PTSD disability payments for PTSD to 1,036,000 war veterans 30 Billion per year (21:25).


-LA Homelessness Crisis (22:15).


-Homelessness challenge: Tent cities popping up (23:30)


-“Abundance of Bust!”-Steven Kotler (26:55).


-“Think and Grow Rich” a replacement for the Bible? Antidote to dogma(29:40).


-Janine Shepherd: Epic story of overcoming (35:10).


-“Success does not discriminate, it comes to all those that do what needs to be done” -James Whittaker (37:25).


-James will send you a free book: Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy (42:40).


-Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy. The movie on Amazon (43:30).


-Think and Grow Rich: Sex Transmutation Napoleon Hill’s most controversial success principles(59:30).


“Action is the real measure of intelligence” - 

James Whittaker Contact Info:

IG: jameswhitt


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