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Worth The Fight Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

We cover it all in our engaging podcast conversation: Psychedelic Medicines, Culture & Bullshit Inc. 

Dr. Matt Brown offers immense insight into the psychedelic experience, an invaluable perspective from a thought leader who has done tremendous work for the psychedelics as medicine movement. 


Show Notes Dr. Matt Brown Podcast #22


We Discuss;


-The first real psychedelic experience was with Holotropic Breathwork [3:10]


-Dr. Stan Grof [3:40]


-Wim Hof Breath [5:50]


-Chicago Psychedelics The Future of Psychiatry Meet Up [6:50]


-Ketamine Legal Psychedelic for Depression [10:20]


-Ketamine in conjunction with psychotherapy is far more effective [11:10]


-One psychedelic experience is akin to 1,000 hours of therapy [11:50]


-Therapeutic Alliance [13:40]


-Dangers of sexual abuse in the psychedelic community [24:25]


-Set and setting is as important as not drinking and driving [27:30]


-Full-spectrum medicine [27:45]


-We don’t always get what we want but we get what we need [31:10]


-San Pedro Psychedelic Cactus [31:44]


-Why psychedelic integration? [40:00]


-Inverse PTSD - Jason Silva [38:35]


-Rarely trauma is reported 60-90% won’t admit abuse [45:50]


-Bullshit Inc. and the systematic child-sex abuse perpetrated by the Catholic Church [49:40]


-Moore’s Law Exponential Curve of Technology—Explosive! [54:00]


-“Psychedelics, when used responsibly, are to the study of the mind what the telescope is for astronomy and the microscope is for biology” -Stan Grof [55:05]


-Psychedelics and the Future of Psychiatry Meet-up

-Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare—Vital community work—Please help if you can [100:00]