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Worth The Fight Podcast

Dec 19, 2019

Let's do open the flood gates. In this thought-provoking conversion, we take an objective look at our addiction model where 90% of people struggling won't seek help. Dr. Adi Jaffe shares his compelling research and pioneering work at INGTD where he helps people fight their shame, ignite their passion and find purpose in their lives.


Show Notes Adi Jaffe PhD Podcast #13:


-No single way to look at addiction (6:30)


-Addiction is a very individual experience (7:36)


-Current addiction solutions in place are highly stigmatizing and highly ineffective (8:40)


-Barriers to Treatment Entry(85-90% won’t seek treatment)—Who cares what we do with addicts in treatment if no addicts are seeking treatment (11:05)


-Emotional processing at the root of addiction (16:47)


-Get at the root and then people need less medicine (20:05)


-Four main barriers to addiction: Cost, Logistics, Shame, Abstinence (21:04)


-AA does works 5-10% of the time (21:57)


-“Addiction Recovery Industrial Complex”—$30 Billion per year industry (22:34)


-I am agnostic to the tools people use—my main interest: How do we open the flood gates? (23:44)


-30 million people struggling with addiction: Food, gambling, sex, drugs and alcohol (24:05)


-Humanity exists on a spectrum—there are no “normal” people (29:53)


-We label everything—We all want people to see us for who we are—not a single aspect of who you are (38:36)


-FUCK SHAME (41:55)


-IGNTD: Fight their shame, Ignite their passion and find purpose in their lives (42:00)




-IGNTD 3 Principles: Honest exploration, radical acceptance and individualized transformation (42:44)


-Radical Transparency: “Honest is the idea that when people ask you a question you tell them the truth. Transparency means even when people don’t know to ask you a question you still tell them what is going on” - (45:39)


Connect w/ Dr. Adi Jaffe: 


IG: dradijaffe