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Worth The Fight Podcast

Mar 26, 2020

IS Healing Our US veterans Amid Mental Health Crisis an Exponential Strategy of Epic Loving Proportion?

With our world now upside down—Is there a better time for a Love Revolution? Coming together over our shared humanity—a love based solution—hitting us all square in the heart?

Limitless Brad Carson breaks down the power of the WimHof Breathing Method, Cold Exposure, and ways to be healthy and strong in these challenging times. Brad is a shining example of the massive potential within our warriors.



Brad Carson Episode #24 Show Notes (Part 1):


We Discuss;


-Wim Hof Method(WHM) Daily Practice [4:15]


-Ice baths clear inflammation [4:43]


-Psychological/cognitive benefits have been the most impactful Wim Hof Method [7:30]


-Breaking down the mechanism of the WHM powerful breathing method [8:24] for more resources [9:15]


-Ice bath is a training tool [14:05]


-WHM is akin to training our hearts at altitude [12:30]


-Your brain is not designed to make you happy—your brain is there to point out stressors to keep you alive [16:00]


-Brad wrote condolence letter for fallen US Marine soldiers [17:15]


-If you suppress your emotions long enough—you will end up depressed [18:00]


-WHM daily practice & COVID-19: This practice boosts your immunity [27:43]


-“Anti-Fragile” Book -Nassim Nicholas Taleb's [30:00]


-Goal with WHM: Everyone! Happy, Healthy & Strong [33:07]


-BADASS RESUME HEALTH COACH: US Marine Corp(Retired), Wim Hof Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher [33:25]


-Anti-dogma approach [33:40]


-Everything is a learning experience—you learn the most from the most difficult lessons [37:24]


-Sebastian Junger’s “TRIBE” [39:20]


-I am calling for a LOVE REVOLUTION [41:50]


-Military war veterans have taken lifelong oath to serve and protect [46:08]


-DMT: The Spirit Molecule Dr. Rick Straussman [49:30]


-The church an its unchecked child sex abuse is at root for high majority of war and conflict we see here on Earth [52:30]