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Worth The Fight Podcast

Dec 8, 2019

Kelli Tennant shares her inspiring sexual awakening, and how psychedelic medicines have helped her heal past traumas, clearing the space needed for living a purpose-driven life in service to our human family. We talk about her important work at the Ceremony Wellness podcast and how sexual healing heals everything. If you need a dose of open, honest, and transparent real talk where we confront our societal taboos, then this conversation is for you. Thank you for listening!




Show Notes Kelli Tennant Episode #11:


-Repressed childhood memories/darkness/child-molestation (8:05).


-Kelli’s traumatic birth (8:21).


-Preverbal memories reconciled (9:30).


-Emily Nagoski - “Come As Your Are” Honoring the trauma cycle—Fight, Flight, Freeze, Shake (10:30).


-Body shaking to purge repressed trauma (11:56).


-Simon Sinek’s “The Infinite Game” Journey mentality thinking (15:20).


-My friend Nick Fulton dared/challenged me to start Worth The Fight Podcast (16:01).


-The inspiration behind Ceremony Wellness Podcast (18:28).


-Kelli’s challenges with chronic illness (19:20).


-60 million Americans suffer from chronic illness (19:34).


-Ceremony Wellness: Sexual Awakening/Spirituality/Personal Development while weaving in Plant Medicines(22:02).


-Loneliness epidemic (28:53).


-Vulnerable builds trust. Trust is essential for connection. Connection is why we are here (29:25).


-Sexual Healing Heals Everything—Specifically Chronic Illness! (36:22).


-Orgasmic abundance! (38:00).


-Somatic therapist: Releasing and letting go of blockages and protected mechanisms(43:08).


-Costa Rica March, 2020: Realness Retreat: Safety must be the number one priority. 3 Rounds of Ceremony (45:15).


-Journaling as a powerful integration tool: “In that quiet is your truth”(52:35). 


-“When it comes to spirituality and growth, you have to sip from the water bottle—you can’t chug!” Golden integration advice (55:30). 


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