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Worth The Fight Podcast

Aug 25, 2021

Pioneering DMT psychedelic researcher Dr. Rick Strassman shares his game-changing work and contrarian outlook and perspectives. We talk about the supreme value in set & setting and how the “expectancy effect” plays a much larger role in the outcomes we receive from peak psychedelic experiences. Dr. Strassman is an unsung hero in this movement who doesn’t get proper due for being a first mover in the early 1990s initiating brave and controversial research around the effects of intravenous DMT.


Show notes Dr. Rick Strassman


We Discuss;


-Dr. Rick Strassman’s inspired vision behind service projects [5:00]


-Pineal gland & melatonin [7:15]


-DMT research findings [12:30]


-DMT is not inherently spiritual [19:45] 


-Dr. Strassman’s views around mystical experiences [24:20]


-Expectancy Effect and Set & Setting [29:20]


-Inspiration for DMT & The Soul Prophecy [35:00]


-Hebrew Bible as a spiritual model for psychedelic integration [40:30]


-Huge amount of overlap in DMT state and prophetic experience [42:10]


-Adverse effects of psychedelic research model [45:00]


-Golden Rule [53:30]


Connect with Dr. Rick Strassman:


DMT: The Spiritual Molecule 


DMT: and the Soul Prophecy 



Helpful Resources: 


The Immortality Key by Brian Muraresku


The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries by Dr. Carl Ruck


Storming Heaven by Jay Stevens 


Acid Dreams by Martin Lee